The Orphan Crisis:

There are 163 million orphans in the world.1 If these children were counted as a single nation, they would comprise the 7the largest nation in the world! This ORPHAN NATION is a nation in crisis.

In Russia, the number of orphaned children is estimated to be more than 730,0002 and each year 100,000 new orphans (more than 300 per day on average!) are discovered.3 In Ukraine in 2009, 101,819 orphaned children lived in institutions and 17,827 children in shelters and centers of social rehabilitation.4 These numbers may indicate only part of the actual magnitude of children without parental care.

Many of these orphans struggle to physically survive, but even those that have their physical needs met suffer from deep emotional scars. For the most part, children living in orphanages have plenty of food to eat and toys to play with. However, the future looks grim for these precious kids after they leave the orphanage. In Ukraine almost 80% become alcoholics or drug users and get involved in criminal activities upon leaving the orphanage. 10% eventually commit suicide. Only one in 10 live a more or less successful life.5 Sadly, the statistics are similar in Russia.

Clearly orphanages are not what orphans need. As Christians we know that we are called to care for orphans, and it is now agreed that these children thrive best when placed in loving families. In Russia and Ukraine, this was not always the prominent belief. In fact, it has only been in the last several years that the concept of family as the best environment to raise children has been embraced in these countries. Finally, the orphan crisis is being addressed as people band together to find a family for every orphan!

Why Russia and Ukraine?

A Family for Every Orphan (formerly Doorways to Hope) started working in Russia and Ukraine largely because our founding members had personal experiences that placed the orphans in these countries on their hearts. Much of our team has either worked with children in Russia and Ukraine, been part of a family that adopted or fostered, or studied the Russian language and culture.  When we became aware that local Christians in both Russia and Ukraine were starting grassroots movements to resolve the orphan crisis in their own countries, we recognized that partnering with these already-existing, successful movements was more sustainable than going in to start a new project or program. We see ourselves as coming along side these champions for the Orphan Nation and hope to see a world without orphans.



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Orphan Stories
Dima, 8 Years Old
Please pray for Dima to be adopted into a loving family very soon! Dima has been in our prayers for two years now. He is a very active boy, is very talkative, and likes to ask a lot of questions.
Valera, 16 Years Old
Valera is a very quiet boy. He likes to be outside playing soccer and other sports. He is open with his emotions and is very concerned about his future. He will attend...
Kamila, 13 Years Old
Kamila has a fun and creative personality. She loves to sing, sew, design clothes, and participate in theatre. Kamila longs for a loving family. Could you pray that she...
Dima, 11 Years Old
Dima is a very sincere and friendly boy. He likes riding his bike, roller skating, and playing soccer. His dream is to have a loving family. Please pray for Dima that his dream will come true.
Luba, 12 Years Old
Luba ia a sweet girl who is always happy. She loves to ride her bike and roller skate. Pray today that she and her sisters will have the love of a family in their near future!
Zhenya, 5 Years Old
Zhenya is a dreamer. She loves to draw, play with her dolls, and do puzzles. Will you pray today that Zhenya is welcomed into a family with her two sisters very soon?
Oksana, 4 Years Old
Oksana is a fun and active girl. She loves to play and share her toys with other children. Please pray today that Oksana will be adopted with her sisters into a loving family!


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