From Rejected to Rescued

From Rejected to Rescued

Othniel’s adoption story is a reflection of his parent’s unconditional love. Born without eyes and a severe case of cerebral palsy, Othniel was placed in an Indian orphanage shortly after his birth. He barely survived, lying alone in his crib and missing many developmental milestones. His future was uncertain at best and, at worst, hopeless. But after a local pastor and his wife met Othniel, they decided, in faith, to adopt him! Generous donors helped fully fund his adoption.

Othniel is blossoming through his adoptive family’s love! After additional tests to assess his development, Othniel was diagnosed with severe intellectual disability. But this has not discouraged his new parents! They cherish Othniel; now he has the opportunity to reach his full potential as the child of God he was created to be. Praise God that Othniel has the opportunity for a joyful life with a family to call his own. And please pray that he is able to develop to his maximum potential!

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