Let’s Add Our Prayers to Orphan Sunday 2017

Let’s Add Our Prayers to Orphan Sunday 2017

This year a unified effort by Christians and Jews in more than 80 nations is calling for a weekend of prayer for vulnerable children. Prayers begin tonight, November 10, in the observance of Orphan Shabbat, continuing through the Sunday, November 12 Orphan Sunday observances.

Orphan Sunday is in its 15th year as an initiative that calls Christians to pray and respond to the Scriptural call to care for orphans and other children living without a family. Joining them for the first time this year is a recently launched complimentary expression, Orphan Shabbat. Both initiatives anticipate the participation of thousands of churches, synagogues and messianic congregations across the globe.

Click here to see what churches around the world are doing to observe this special weekend, and here to see how synagogues are participating.

Let's join our hearts with theirs in prayer to see children reunited with their families or placed in loving forever families!

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