Projects That Need Funding

Where Needed Most
Give to the project where funds are needed most! By giving today, you can help meet the most immediate needs of the children and families we serve. $39 a month for one year provides one orphaned child with a loving family!
This Easter Season You Can Help Othniel Know the Love of a Permanent Family!
Born without eyes and a severe case of cerebral palsy, Othniel was given up to an orphanage in India shortly after he was born. Thankfully, everything changed drastically the day that a local Christian couple walked into Othniel’s life.
You Can Help Reunite Esther with Her Family!
In 2015 you were introduced to Esther from India. She was placed at a Christian children’s home after the death of her mother and aunt. With your support, the search for Esther’s forever family began and your prayers were answered! Esther’s father was found and he is ready to bring his little girl home. A gift from you will help Esther’s father with the legal fees to reunite this family.
Heritage Ukraine
Heritage Ukraine works to strengthen vulnerable families and help children from all circumstances reach their fullest potential. Through a variety of programs, Heritage Ukraine is working towards the goal of an Odessa without orphans!
Pray for Every Orphan
Support Elaine as the Pray for Every Orphan Coordinator!
Ambassadors of Father's House
Our mission is to globally unite, motivate, and initiate social action projects among adoptees that help continue the efforts of Father’s House while making a difference in their community. Read more!
Support for Sarah Wolfe
Sarah has been serving as Chief Operations Officer since October 2011, but her journey with caring for children started a long time ago. As she explains it...
Support Chelsea in Southeast Asia
Chelsea came onto staff with A Family For Every Orphan May of 2014 and is our Program Director for Africa & Asia. To learn more about her role as an international staff member and how you can become a part of her support and prayer team, read more...
Support for World Without Orphans/Ruslan Maliuta
Your gift today will support the World Without Orphans Movement and Ruslan Maliuta. All donations will be matched by a generous donor!

Projects in Progress

This Christmas, Give Natalia the Gift of Family!
UPDATE: Thank you for supporting Natalia's adoption! With your help, Natalia's new parents were able to provide her with ongoing medical treatment and set up a bedroom...
Help Arjun Escape a Lifetime of Loneliness and Fear!
Four-year old Arjun does not know who his biological father is. In the part of India that he is from, this can mean a lifetime of poverty and prejudice. When his...
A Forever Family for Dasha in Kyrgyzstan
Special thanks to Bethel Church in Richland, WA formaking it possible for Dasha to be adopted! This project has been fully funded. Dasha lives in a small town...
You've helped repair a home to reunite sisters Vera and Snezhana in Kyrgyzstan!
Exciting Update! Thanks to your generosity, repairs to Vera's houseare underway. Soon the sisters will be reunited forever! We can't wait to share more updates...
Orphans in Nepal are the Most Vulnerable Earthquake Victims
ORPHANS IN NEPAL ARE THE MOST VULNERABLE EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS As Nepal loses its place in the headlines, the cry for help only gets louder. Children are literally becoming...
Will you provide food and care for Ebola orphans?
At least 3,700 children in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone have lost one or both parents to Ebola over the past year. Government officials estimate 25,000 orphans...

Completed Projects

Victoria Needs Medical Tests and Treatment to Make Her Adoption Transition Complete
Victoria is a miracle! For the first months of her life, she was left alone in a cold apartment for days at a time without any supervision. When someone finally found...
A child married, abused, and recently rescued- Rita needs your help!
Just this week, Rita was rescued from an abusive home she was married into at age 13. A distant aunt has been located, screened, and is willing to take her in permanently....
One year later... Rohit needs speech therapy
THANK YOU! Rohit's speech therapy has been fully funded. We'll have an update soon! A year ago, Rohit was suffering abuse and neglect. Thanks to you, he was taken in...


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