You Can Help Reunite Esther with Her Family!

You Can Help Reunite Esther with Her Family!


You might remember sweet, little Esther from the 2015 Annual Report. At that time, Esther was living at a Christian children's home after the death of her mother and aunt and at three years old, Esther experienced more tragedy than most of us can fathom. Thankfully, your prayers were answered and there is hope for her!


Today, would you consider giving Esther the gift of family?


Esther's father has been found and after two years of treatment, counseling, and steady employment, Esther’s father desperately desires to be reunited with his daughter and is doing everything necessary to make it possible! Esther and her father are bonding during his frequent visits to the children’s home, playing for hours and anticipating the day Esther returns home. He loves to bring her little treats and his visits always result in a bright smile from his little girl. The director of the Christian children’s home truly believes that being reunited with her father is the best possible situation for Esther.

Because Esther’s father left her to the care of the children’s home, there is an extensive legal process and numerous fees associated with bringing her home. Your generous gift will help Esther’s father with the legal fees to reunite their family permanently!

Will you give today to help bring Esther home to her father?

You Can Help Reunite Esther with Her Family!




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