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Heritage Ukraine



Heritage Ukraine

Heritage Ukraine was officially registered in Ukraine in January of 2007. God has richly blessed this ministry to orphans, children from troubled homes, children with special needs, and refugees.


Currently teams with Heritage Ukraine visit children in 18 different orphanages on a monthly basis. The goal is to build relationships with the children in order to help them as they mature into young adults. They share with them Bible stories, play games, make crafts, and meet with children one on one.

JAM (Jesus and Me) Day Center is open every afternoon for children from troubled homes. Our volunteers help them with school work, teach them Bible lessons, play games, and make crafts. This center also reaches out to parents to give them needed assistance in taking care of their children. We stand in the crossroads between the family and the orphanage.



Heritage Ukraine


You are Special is a program that reaches children with special needs. In Ukraine, there are very few resources for children with special needs. This leads to families taking their children to the orphanage. We are helping them by providing respite and training, so that the children stay with their families.



Refugees have flooded into our region and are in need of help. We focus on helping families that have adopted children or are fostering children. We help with relocation by providing legal assistance and also counselors.



Heritage Ukraine

Camp LELA is our summer project. God blessed us with a property to host over 1,200 children every summer. Children that we work with throughout the year in orphanages and at our center come for a week to ten days of camp. They enjoy a full program from sunrise to sunset.





Heritage Ukraine


Our goal is Odessa Without Orphans and every aspect of our work reflects this goal. Thank you for your support and prayers as we mentor children in orphanages and help troubled children and their families.


For more detailed information visit our website www.heritageua.org or on Facebook as Heritage Ukraine.




A Family for Every Orphan is partnering with the leadership of Heritage Ukraine to provide financial support to the mission described above.





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