You can help Ruth grow up in a Christian foster family!

November 2017 Update: 

Through your giving, Ruth is officially living with her permanent foster family!

Ruth loves her new family. She plays with her three sisters and one brother in her new home and her contagious smile rubs off on everyone in the family. Ruth is now in kindergarten and delights in going to school each day, learning her ABCs and numbers. Her future is as bright as her smile, full of late-night giggling with her siblings, hugs and kisses from her parents, and studying her favorite subjects in school. It cannot be understated how different Ruth’s life will be now.

Thank you for your generous giving! Because of you, Ruth will grow up in a loving family!


Ruth was given up by her parents, and with no one to care for her she desperately needs your help. She can grow up in a Christian foster family instead of an orphanage. 

Will you help? 


Growing up as an orphan in Southeast Asia is scary and lonely. Orphanages typically have 5 or 6 caregivers looking after 250 to 300 children! Every attempt has been made to reunify Ruth with her relatives to avoid placing her in one of these orphanages, but there is no one to take care of her. Because adoption isn’t an option for her, a permanent foster family is the best solution.

Through God’s grace, Ruth’s life is about to change! A local Christian couple has volunteered to care for Ruth permanently! This couple has been carefully vetted and will undergo intensive training for over a year to make sure Ruth is safe and no longer at risk. They are committed to caring for Ruth, seeing her through life and calling her their own.

The cost to place her in this permanent foster family is $1,800.

With your help, Ruth will grow up in a Christian household with two loving parents, three sisters, and a brother! Without this foster family, Ruth will be one of the thousands of children in orphanages across Southeast Asia.

You can make a difference for this one child today. Your gift will allow Ruth to grow up with a loving family, free from the fear and loneliness she once felt.  



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