You can help Ana, and others like her, know the love of a family!

You can help Ana know the love of a family!


Can you imagine having to compete with 50 other people for the love and attention of one adult? This is reality for most orphans in Southeast Asia. Most of the orphanages are in very poor condition– so bad that it can be hard to visualize what it is like to live there. It is not a healthy way for kids to grow up. To make matters worse, there is currently no legal infrastructure for adoption in some countries in Southeast Asia. These children are trapped until we find an alternative solution.


Today you can be part of the solution: you can help a little girl named Ana, and others just like her, know the love of a family through permanent foster care.


At only 11 years old, Ana has gone through more change and heartache than a child ever should. Her father died when she was young and her mother was out of the picture, so she lived with her grandparents. Sadly, her grandparents can no longer take care of Ana. She is about to be placed in an orphanage, but local Christian leaders are working to provide Ana with a permanent Christian foster family.

Your gift to help Ana will go towards her housing, food, basic amenities, medication, and schooling expenses. She will finally have the stability and love she needs!


But the impact doesn’t stop there…


The local leaders who rescued Ana have recognized a serious need for an alternative option to orphanages. Children don’t thrive in an institutional setting and a disturbing majority fall into a life of crime and prostitution. In countries like Bangladesh, adoption isn’t an option for orphans like Ana because of outdated or non-existent child welfare laws. Foster care is a HUGE step towards caring for the emotional and developmental needs of orphans in places where adoption is not yet possible. Living with a foster family means going to school, participating in community, and even growing up with siblings. Your gift has the potential to change the face of orphan care in Southeast Asia and shift cultural mindsets away from institutional care as the primary solution so that more children can experience the love of families!

Ana dreams of becoming a doctor one day, a dream that will be nearly impossible for her to live out if she grows up in an orphanage. With your help, she will have the individualized attention that only a loving family can provide and the chance to follow her dreams. Through the gift of family, we pray that her heart will be prepared to receive the love of Jesus and share it with others.



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