You Helped Denis and Darina Get Adopted!

You Helped Denis and Darina Get Adopted!


Thanks to your generous giving, Denis and Darina are adopted!

Denis and Darina’s time in the orphanage was cut short when a wonderful couple decided to adopt them. You helped provide the children with professional psychological support, medical exams required for the adoption, and removal of a tumor-like growth on Denis’ leg. Thank you!

The twins are blossoming under the care of their parents and transitioning well into their new family. They love to blow bubbles with mom, watch movies with dad, and run around outside with their friends! Denis’ toothless grin says it all—they can be kids again.

Thank you for supporting adoptions like Denis and Darina’s! Domestic adoption in countries like Ukraine are significantly impacting the orphan crisis, giving children like Denis and Darina a permanent family so they can thrive!


Six-year-old twins Darina and Denis from Ukraine helplessly witnessed the brutal murder of their mother. They were left alone with her body in their apartment for several days until a concerned neighbor called the authorities. This unfathomable neglect and trauma wreaked havoc on their little bodies as well as their emotional and mental development.

In a city not far away, Lena and Andrej have cried and prayed together many nights after a number of miscarriages, crushed by the realization that they are medically unable to bear a child.

This Easter, you can help these precious twins and this loving couple become a family.

When Lena first learned about the Darina and Denis, she felt a special connection to them, as her last miscarriage was twins. She and Andrej knew almost instantly upon meeting Darina and Denis that they are meant to be a family. Last month, the court approved Lena and Andrej to become the adoptive parents for the twins!

Due to the intense trauma Darina and Denis have suffered, they will need ongoing psychological support in addition to other medical expenses.

Your gifts will go directly to providing the children with professional psychological support, required medical exams for the adoption, and removal of a tumor-like growth on Denis’ leg.

Your urgency in supporting this family will ensure that Lena and Andrej can move forward with the adoption as quickly as possible. For years they have yearned to pour their love and affection into caring for a child. This adoption is allowing the sorrow and pain of the past to fuel an outpouring of compassion and stability for two little children who desperately need it.

Give today to support Denis and Darina's adoption! 



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