Nastya, Katya, and Andrje Want to Remain With Their Foster Family!

Nastya, Katya, and Andrje Want to Remain With Their Foster Family and You Can Help!

The world has been turned upside down for twins Nastya and Katya (17), and their brother Andrje (13).


After their mother recently passed away, they learned that their extended relatives wanted no part in raising them. They were hours from being sent to an orphanage when a loving family (pictured below) learned about the siblings’ situation and opened their hearts and home to these vulnerable teenagers. This family is ready to welcome Nastya, Katya, and Andrje into their family forever once the emergency foster placement ends, but complicated laws in Ukraine require them to register as a family-style care center in order to keep the children long-term.

Nastya, Katya, and Andrje Want to Remain With Their Foster Family and You Can Help!

Nastya, Katya, and Andrje’s foster parents Vitaly and Mary met in bible college and knew from the beginning of their relationship that God was calling them to care for orphans. Their family has grown with both biological and foster children. You can help Nastya, Katya, and Andrje remain with Vitaly and Mary!


Will you consider giving a gift today that will allow Nastya, Katya, and Andrje to remain permanently with this loving family?

If moved into an orphanage, these siblings may be separated and will likely age out of the system without a permanent support system. Their passports and official documents will be labeled “orphan”—a word that carries much stigma in Ukraine and can make it difficult for them to succeed after they age out of the system.

Additionally, if Nastya, Katya, and Andrje are moved into an orphanage, they will keep an unadoptable status because they have living relatives.

Your gift today will give Nastya, Katya, and Andrje the chance to become a permanent part of this family that already loves and cherishes them—the family that saved them from being placed into an orphanage after the crushing news of their mother’s death. Once this family receives their registration, they can also apply for a monthly stipend that will help provide basic necessities for the children. $1,200 is needed to complete the registration and requirements for this home to become an official family-style care center.



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