Registering Orphans for Adoption in India

Registering orphans for adoption in India


India is dealing with a big problem. With an estimated 20-31 million orphaned children, it is the largest orphan-bearing country in the world!

Even more shocking? Only around 2,000 of these children are available for adoption.

What does that mean? Millions of children who are truly orphaned will never be given the opportunity to be matched with a forever family. Instead they will grow up in an orphanage and age out to fend for themselves. Studies show that many of these young adults will become involved in drugs, crime, prostitution. Many commit suicide.

Together, we can change that! We have teamed up with an incredible Indian NGO to stand in the gap for these children. 

The infrastructure and systems are in place to help orphaned children find forever families, but the trickle-down to the grassroots level, especially in rural parts of India, isn't happening.  Without access to technology, training and support, orphanages sometimes don't even know that children can be registered for adoption. Many don't even know that adoption is an option! 

For only $70, a social investigation can be conducted to determine whether a child is a true orphan and should be registered for adoption. If the investigation determines that the child has no living parents or family members willing to care for them, the child is put on the government's adoption registry. 

After surveying 200+ orphanages and almost 12,000 children, it has been found that about 9% of children in these institutions can be declared legally free for adoption. Without the support of this program, they never would have been given a chance to be adopted. 

Our dream is to survey every registered orphanage in India. This not only grants children their legal right to be on the adoption registry but also trains and equips rural orphanages how to continually assess and move eligible children into the adoption stream. 

Your gift of $70 today means a child in an orphanage is ONE STEP CLOSER TO A FAMILY. 


*Funds are distributed when we can conduct 1,000 surveys at once, making it the most time and cost effective. 
To date, 104 children have been registered for adoption, thanks to generous donors like you! 



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