Nepal - Rohit

Nepal - Rohit Five-year-old Rohit was abandoned by his mother when she remarried and moved away. Rohit was left with his abusive father and stepmother, living in a tiny village of 200 people with few jobs, no electricity, and only one well for the entire village. Rohit suffered from so much abuse that his front teeth and leg were broken. His family was so poor that they didn’t have the money to get Rohit any medical attention, leaving Rohit to suffer in pain.

After meeting Rohit, a local couple wanted to help Rohit escape the abuse he was suffering and adopt him. The couple needed help financially and thanks to you, enough funds were raised for the couple to adopt Rohit and get him the medical attention he needed!

Your gifts not only provided Rohit with medical treatment for his wounds but allowed him to be taken in by a local family! Thank you!

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