Great News! Michael Has Been Reunited With His Dad!

Great News! Michael Has Been Reunited With His Dad!Thanks to your support, Michael has been reunited with his father and he will soon celebrate his third birthday with his family! At first he had a tough time adjusting to life outside the orphanage. He missed his friends and was confused as to why he had to live so far away. Because of this, Michael's father would bring him back for visits very often. Slowly, Michael became comfortable and very happy with his new family. Michael loves to play with his new brother, Dillip, and is now bonding very well with Sunita and Akash (mama and papa). He no longer asks to go back to the orphanage. Now and for the rest of his life, Michael will be blessed with this type of personalized attention to his specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs -- the kind of attention that only a mother and father can give. 


Anya's Family Has Stayed Together!

Great News! Michael Has Been Reunited With His Dad!You prevented Anya and her six brothers from being torn from their parents and placed into an orphanage! In desperate need of a new heating system to keep the family together, their prayers were answered when you responded to the call for help. The heating system has been repaired and the family is preserved. Life has not been easy for this family, but they are determined to do everything they can to take care of their seven children. Despite health problems and limited resources,  Anya and her brothers are loved and warm - thanks to you! 





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