John and Vlada send a big 'THANK YOU!'- April Update

John says ‘Thank You’ for supporting him! 

John and Vlada send a big 'THANK YOU!'- April Update Despite several recent visits to the hospital, John (who is HIV+) is happy and thriving grateful that he no longer has to worry if his parents will be able to pay for him to see the doctor when he needs to.

Remember nine-year-old John from Uganda who battles HIV (on the left - in the dark blue shirt). Because you generously supplied investment money, John’s family was able to purchase a new ‘boda boda’ (motorcycle) for the family boda taxi business.

They now have a sustainable business and no longer struggle to pay for John’s daily antiretroviral medication, school fees and books.

John’s father, eyes welling with tears, told Chelsea that they felt so desperate and they didn’t know how they would ever continue to care for John’s special medical needs.

John’s family seems to be doing really well with the new bike for the boda boda service. As an example, John got really sick and had to go to the hospital several times over the last month.

He is doing better now and his family was able to pay for hospital visits out of additional funds they have been making because of their expanded business. In the past they would have come to the church to ask for funds for these hospital visits. THANK YOU!  


You’ve paid Vlada’s emergency medical bills.  

John and Vlada send a big 'THANK YOU!'- April UpdateYour gifts came just in time to help with Vlada’s recent hospital stay for pneumonia, AND now she can have the surgery she needs on her feet in July! Thank you!

Vlada was two months old when she became part of the Makuhiny family. Things were fine for awhile, but at about 6 months, her parents noticed that her legs weren’t developing normally. At 10 months, shewasdiagnosedwithcerebralpalsy. Her parents were determined to do everything they could to help Vlada. They began taking her to medical centers and even trying therapeutic massages. Vlada took her first steps at the age of four.

In addition to providing Vlada with the special treatment and love she needs and caring for their biological son Nikita, the family has also grown to include adopted kids Arsenii and Sofia. The children get along wonderfully and are thriving in the loving care of Alexsandr and Oksana.
Yet the family needs a lot of help.

In her short lifetime, Vlada (now 8) has already had four operations on her legs. Every three years until the age of 20, Vlada will need a laser leg correction operation. This is very expensive and puts financial strain on Aleksandr and Oksana. This is where yousteppedin!Yourgiftshavenotonly helped with an immediate medical need, but she is now scheduled for her next leg operation in July. Vlada’s family says, “We sincerely thank you for your help!”



Thank you for helping Ebola orphans!


John and Vlada send a big 'THANK YOU!'- April Update   

Read the full April Update here!




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