Former Orphans Reunited With Their Caregivers and Friends!

Former Orphans Reunited With Their Caregivers and Friends!

This past weekend a dear friend of ours, Jenn Williams, and her husband Paul hosted the very first Father's House Reunion at their farm in Prospect, TN. In attendance was the very first child to be adopted from Father's House orphan care center located in Ukraine, along with 70 other former orphans and their families, caregivers, missionaries, volunteers, and orphanage staff from Canada, Korea, Ukraine, and across the U.S.! 

Former Orphans Reunited With Their Caregivers and Friends!The children were able to feed and hold many of the animals!Jenn and Paul adopted their son, Erik, from Father's House 3 years ago. They soon dreamed of reuniting all of the children who had been adopted to the U.S. Although these kids had found loving families, they really missed their friends and caregivers back in Ukraine - people who had walked with them through the darkest times and deepest struggles. Jenn shared, "This opportunity allows these children to thank the people who helped them when their life was at a low, and share in their new successes. What could be better! For caregivers who had to say goodbye to children they had come to love, to now hold, hug and see the difference in their lives was emotional." The weekend was packed full of fun including go-kart racing, lots of animals to interact with, swimming, a rodeo, and of course lots of time to just sit and catch up! 

Joining in the festivities were Roman, the Founder and the Director of Father's House, and his daughter Anastasia, the Founder of Ambassadors of Father's House. Father's House is a private orphanage in Ukraine that features foster-style caregiving. They focus on teaching the children about God and developing a relationship with him while dealing with trauma and disappoinments. Father's House also helps kids learn how to integrate into a family environment as well as how to successfully live on their own with the necessary life skills, should adoption not be an option for them. This type of orphanage is not the norm in Ukriane. A Family for Every Orphan is proud to partner with Father's House.

Ambassadors of Father's House is a non-profit charity started by a group of former orphans who want to help children waiting to be adopted, and those who are newly adopted, work through struggles in their lives. They help fundraise for adoptions as well as fundraise for Father's House. 

Click here to view the Father's House Reunion video!

Former Orphans Reunited With Their Caregivers and Friends!Everyone enjoyed the Rodeo on day one!



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