One Step at a Time Toward a World Without Orphans

One Step at a Time Toward a World Without Orphans

Faith to Action Initiative

At the heart of every foster child, adopted child, and orphan is some type of trauma. Our Project Director for Eastern Europe, Raya, just recently wrote an article as a guest blogger for Faith to Action Initiative. Raya is not a stranger to the subject of trauma. As an adoptive parent herself she has seen and played a role in trust-based relational Intervention. She also does speialized trainings on trauma quite frequently.

Here is what Raya has to say about trauma and children:

"Manipulation, lying, stealing, and odd behaviors can be survival skills traumatized children may have learned if no one has met their needs. Without “safe” adults present in their early years, they had to figure out how to survive and protect themselves. Some children cling to unhealthy coping strategies, genuinely fearful that if they give them up, they won’t survive. Understanding brain chemistry and why children do what they do can help parents to see that BAD BEHAVIOR DOES NOT EQUAL A BAD CHILD. It is critical to be able to understand where these behaviors stem from and then become allies with your child against problems he or she faces instead of positioning yourself against the “bad” child. "

Read the full blog post here.



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