A Glimpse of Hope in Nepal

A Glimpse of Hope in NepalRohit today! Just before hearing of the tragic earthquake in Nepal on April 25, we learned A Glimpse of Hope in NepalRohit in early 2014 that Rohit (you've been praying for him since last June) is doing well with his new family! Though our hearts are filled with joy at his progress, they now ache to know of the nearly 2,800 who have died and the more than 6,000 injured in this tiny, mountainous country--with the toll continuously rising. The Weather Channel mentioned this morning (4/27) that more than 900,000 children have been impacted. Many will inevitably be orphaned.

As we praise God for the miraculous transformation and provision in Rohit's life, and that our partners in Nepal are safe, won't you pray for the children and families suffering right now? For those who had to brave the rain last night with no shelter, for search and rescue teams, for medical and immediate relief service teams that are greatly needed? We are in the process of connecting resources to our Nepal contacts, so please don't hesitate to be in touch with us to learn of other ways you can reach out to those devastated by this tragedy.

Several months ago, little five-year-old Rohit (pictured at right) had been abandoned by his mother and was living with his abusive father and stepmother when we learned of him. All of his teeth were broken as the result of abuse, and he'd recently broken his leg.

With your prayers and the financial help of generous AFFEO donors, a local pastor and his wife were able to bring him into the safety of their home and start to care for him, with the biological father's agreement. They have, actually, just been approved to care for more orphaned and vulnerable children! You can read more details of how Rohit is doing at http://afamilyforeveryorphan.org/_service/33078/download/id/292541/name/AprilUpdateFINAL-finalApril21%282%29.pdf

As you pray for Rohit's ongoing progress, please lift up the many children and elderly in Nepal who are especially vulnerable during this time. Tremors and smaller-scale earthquakes continue to rock the country.

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