You Helped Change Radha's World!

You Helped Change Radha's World!

At a young age, Radha was abandoned at an orphanage in India because she has sickle cell anemia. This blood disorder labeled her a child with special needs—likely delaying or preventing her chances for adoption.

Thankfully, our partners conduct investigations that declare children like Radha legally free for adoption and give them a profile on the government adoption registry. Just a few months after Radha was placed on this registry, a couple and their two biological children met Radha and fell in love with her. She is now home! She is learning Hindi and English and loves to go sailing and traveling with her new family.

Without your prayers and the financial gifts from Christ's body, children like Radha may never get the opportunity to know the love of a forever family. Thanks to you, she and other orphans in India have a second chance at experiencing unconditional love from earthly parents, and at knowing the love of their heavenly Father. Thank you!

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