Projects That Need Funding

You Can Help Denis and Darina  Get Adopted This Easter!
With your support, Denis and Darina will heal from their traumatic past. They will be cherished and adored!
Where Needed Most
Give to the project where funds are needed most! By giving today, you can help meet the most immediate needs of the children and families we serve.
You can help Ana, and others like her, know the love of a family!
At only 11 years old, Ana has gone through more change and heartache than a child ever should. Her father died when she was young and her mother was out of the picture, so she lived with her grandparents. Sadly, her grandparents can no longer take care of Ana. She is about to be placed in an orphanage, but local Christian leaders are working to provide Ana with a permanent Christian foster family.
Support Chelsea in Southeast Asia
Chelsea came onto staff with A Family For Every Orphan May of 2014 and is our Program Director for Africa & Asia. To learn more about her role as an international staff member and how you can become a part of her support and prayer team, read more...
Support for Sarah Wolfe
Sarah has been serving as Chief Operations Officer since October 2011, but her journey with caring for children started a long time ago. As she explains it...
Pray for Every Orphan
Support Elaine as the Pray for Every Orphan Coordinator!
Heritage Ukraine
Heritage Ukraine works to strengthen vulnerable families and help children from all circumstances reach their fullest potential. Through a variety of programs, Heritage Ukraine is working towards the goal of an Odessa without orphans!
Ambassadors of Father's House
Our mission is to globally unite, motivate, and initiate social action projects among adoptees that help continue the efforts of Father’s House while making a difference in their community. Read more!
Support for World Without Orphans/Ruslan Maliuta
Your gift today will support the World Without Orphans Movement and Ruslan Maliuta. All donations will be matched by a generous donor!

Completed Projects

Thank You For Supporting Rebecca's Urgent Reunification
Rebecca has been missing for four years, lost on a train in India and placed in an orphanage. Her uncle and aunt have never stopped looking for her and Rebecca has been...
Serezha Is Officially Adopted Thanks To You!
For the first several years of his life, Serezha was abused and neglected by his alcoholic parents. At the tender age of four, he marched himself over to the local orphanage...
You Helped Milana Get Adopted Into Her Forever Family
Milana lives in an orphanage in Ukraine. While her basic needs are being met, this precious little girl doesn’t have anyone to truly care. She longs for someone to love...


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