Completed Projects

This Easter Season You Can Help Othniel Know the Love of a Permanent Family!
Born without eyes and a severe case of cerebral palsy, Othniel was given up to an orphanage in India shortly after he was born. Thankfully, everything changed drastically...
You Can Help Reunite Esther with Her Family!
In 2015 you were introduced to Esther from India. She was placed at a Christian children’s home after the death of her mother and aunt. With your support, the search for...
This Christmas, Give Natalia the Gift of Family!
There is a little girl named Natalia in Romania who has been waiting her whole life to be loved. Natalia spent the first fifteen months of her life in a hospital, never...
Help Arjun Escape a Lifetime of Loneliness and Fear!
Four-year old Arjun does not know who his biological father is. In the part of India that he is from, this can mean a lifetime of poverty and prejudice. When his mother...
Victoria Needs Medical Tests and Treatment to Make Her Adoption Transition Complete
Victoria is a miracle! For the first months of her life, she was left alone in a cold apartment for days at a time without any supervision. When someone finally found...
A child married, abused, and recently rescued- Rita needs your help!
Just this week, Rita was rescued from an abusive home she was married into at age 13. A distant aunt has been located, screened, and is willing to take her in permanently....
One year later... Rohit needs speech therapy
THANK YOU! Rohit's speech therapy has been fully funded. We'll have an update soon! A year ago, Rohit was suffering abuse and neglect. Thanks to you, he was taken in...
This Easter, you can help Michael and his father be reunited permanently!
We want to share a story with you about a father who desperately desires to start over with his young son, Michael, and how you can be a part of their story.
A Forever Family for Dasha in Kyrgyzstan
Special thanks to Bethel Church in Richland, WA for making it possible for Dasha to be adopted!
This Christmas, you helped prevent Anya and her six brothers from being torn from their parents and placed into an orphanage!
UPDATE: this Christmas, you prevented a little girl named Anya and her six brothers from being torn from their loving, Christian parents and placed in an orphanage. Your...
You've helped repair a home to reunite sisters Vera and Snezhana in Kyrgyzstan!
UPDATE- The house has been repaired. The sisters are being reunited! Can you imagine if the only thing separating you from a loving, permanent family was some minor electrical...
Provide life-saving meds for John, an HIV+ child in Uganda
When John was found at the age of two in a remote village of Uganda, he suffered from scurvy, lice, jiggers, and worms on top of the deadly HIV virus. Thankfully, a...
You provided a safe, loving family for Rohit in Nepal!
Five year old Rohit was abandoned by his mother when she remarried and moved away. Rohit was left with his abusive father and stepmother in a tiny village..
Provide critical assistance for orphans in Uganda
In the past few years, Christians from a small church in Kampala, Uganda have adopted 40 orphans! These families have taken an incredible leap of faith since many of...
Strengthening Adoptive and Foster Families
You can provide critically needed training for Ukrainian adoptive and foster parents to equip them to parent children from traumatic backgrounds!
Three Former Orphans Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to Promote Adoption
This February, three former orphans from Ukraine will take on a daunting feat—climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain (19,341 feet) in the world. Sergei,...
You helped Elizabeth and David get adopted!
Your gifts last year helped siblings Elizabeth (6) and David (4) move from an orphanage into a loving family!
Help the Kovalenkos adopt more children!
“Children need a family more than anything else. No difficulty can complete with their beaming eyes of joy and happiness.”- Kovalenko family
Help prepare orphans for adoption!
Project Update- Generous donor has funded 7 months! Adoption and foster care are not easy. Orphans often come from pasts of abandonment and trauma that they need...
Pastors Sharing About Adoption
Last year, your gifts supported Ukrainian pastors as they travelled around Russia sharing the vision God had given to see believers empty orphanages through adoption. Sergei...
Russian TV Program on Adoption
Mass media has an amazing ability to affect and change the thinking of a society. It has potential to be used for bad or for good. Our partners at Russia Without...
The Pravitski Family- hot water heater and fridge
Project Funded! 9 years ago, Andrey and Irina Pravitski moved to Barvenkovo in southern Ukraine to plant a church. —In 2008, Irina’s brother’s wife died, leaving behind...
The Zhuravlyev Family- leaky roof
Project Funded! Thanks to a special generous donor, the Zhuravlyev family will soon begin repairs to their leaky roof! The Zhuravlyev's live in Ukraine and have 4 adopted...
The Kopirin Family- a bedroom for the kids
Project funded! Thanks to a special generous donor, the Kopirin family will soon begin remodeling their basement to provide another bedroom for their 6 children. —The Kopirin...
The Novikov Family- home expansion to be able to adopt more kids!
Project Funded! Thanks to generous gifts, the Novikov family will soon be able to start their home expansion. THANK YOU!
The Ivanov Family- a new heating system
The Ivanov’s have two biologic son and an adopted daughter. —Their home in southern Ukraine is in very poor condition. Their wood stove which heats the house is broken,...
Medical Help for German
Project Update! Thank you for providing for German's medical needs! We recently received a thank you letter from German's adoptive parents. Read it here:
The Matveinko Family
Project Complete! Thank you for providing the Matvienko family with dressers so they no longer need to use cardboard boxes to store their clothes!
The Chernishov Family- running water and stove
Project Update: your gifts provided running water and a kitchen remodel for the Chernishovs!
Ukrainian TV Program on Adoption
Project Update: your gifts allowed 10 episodes of this wonderful program about adoption to be aired on Ukrainian TV. More orphans will be adopted as a result. Thank you!!
The Vedernikov Family
Project Complete! Thank you for providing a kitchen remodel for the Vedernikov family. Read more about this incredible family with 13 adopted children, ages 1-18.
The Bespalov Family
Project Complete! The Bespalovs now have a much-needed driveway. Thank you!
Apalkovy Family - Kiev, Ukraine
Project Complete! Thanks to your generosity, Svetlana, Valeriy and their 5 foster children have a much-needed refrigerator and bunk bed. Thank you!
Bogdanovy Family - Kiev, Ukraine
Project Complete! Thank you for providing the Bogdanovy family with much-needed furniture!
Dobroriz Family - Kiev, Ukraine
Project Complete! Thank you- your gifts have provided this young couple and their 5 foster children with many amenities. Read more...
Gavenko Family - Kiev, Ukraine
Project Update- the Gavenko family sends their thanks for supplying them with a wardrobe and bunk bed for their kids!
2012 Russia Without Orphans bikeathon
Project Completed. Thanks for supporting these former orphans as they biked across Russia to advocate for national adoption and foster care! Read their incredible stories here.
Repairs to the Kravchuk family home
Thanks for providing in a major way for this family of 20! Your gifts allowed for plumbing, heater, and insulation repairs just in time for winter.
Repairs to the Isaev family home
Project Complete! The Isaev family was the first to adopt an HIV positive child. By their example, they have fought prejudice and inspired Ukrainians to adopt. They were...
Addition to the Makhnienko Family Home
Your gifts made it possible for this family to FINALLY live under one roof! Gennady and Elena and their 13 children at the time had previously been split between two small...
Shkurikin family home addition
Your gifts provided construction of an indoor bathroom and expansion of this adoptive family!
Lunova house furnishings
During 2009, Doorways to Hope partnered with Mercy Ministries to furnish a home for a foster family in the small town of Lunova, Russia.
Pastors Promote Adoption
Thank you! Your gifts have helped support pastors travel to promote adoption. We continue to hear stories of children who were adopted because they heard these pastors speak!
Adoption Placement Coordinator
Your gifts have provided funding to hire an adoption coordinator who is currently assisting families in adopting 80 children who have been waiting in orphanages!
Home Repairs for Lesechko Family
Thank you! Your gifts provided home repairs and pre-adoption training and counseling to this adoptive family!
Construction for Meroshnik family
Your gifts provided extensive repairs to this incredible adoptive family home. They have adopted a total of 19 children! Read more.
Camps for recently adopted children
Thank you! Your gifts have allowed recently adopted children to attend a camp that helps them transition into their new families through a variety of activities and counseling sessions.
Zadorogny Family Project - Kiev, Ukraine
Project Completed! Thanks to you, the large Zadorogny family now has a much-needed refrigerator and dishwasher. Can you imagine washing dishes for 12 people very day? Thank...


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