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You can help Ruth grow up in a Christian foster family!
Ruth was given up by her parents, and with no one to care for her she desperately needs your help. She can grow up in a Christian foster family instead of an orphanage. 
Amalia Deserves a Family to Call Her Own and You Can Help!
After spending any amount of time with four-year-old Amalia, it’s hard to understand how this joyful little girl could have been abandoned in a hospital at birth. Yet this...
Orphans in Nepal are the Most Vulnerable Earthquake Victims
As Nepal loses its place in the headlines, the cry for help only gets louder. Children are literally becoming orphans as we speak. It’s estimated that 1.7+ million children...
Will you provide food and care for Ebola orphans?
At least 3,700 children in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone have lost one or both parents to Ebola over the past year. Government officials estimate 25,000 orphans are...
Urgent: It's awful to be an orphan in Ukraine right now
UPDATE: October 2016 - The situation in Eastern Ukraine has been stable for the last year. There are shootings on the frontline everyday with not much progress on any side....
Serezha needs medical treatment for cerebral palsy!
UPDATE: Thank you for providing Serezha with customized treatment for his cerebral palsy! When Sergei and Natalya Vedernikov adopted 3-month-old Serezha, they had no idea...
Help the Vasilienko family adopt 3 children with disabilities!
Thanks to you, the Vasilienko family has received the funding to begin the home repairs they need to be able to adopt three special needs children. Stay tuned for updates!
Vlada needs medical treatment for her leg!
Aleksandr and Oksana’s hearts were broken after seeing an abandoned infant in a nearby hospital several years ago. They, with their biological son, decided to welcome Vladislava...
Nazar's Family Needs Your Support!
Five years ago, after prayerful consideration, Pavel and Elena Belousovi decided to adopt a beautiful little girl named Vera. They already had one biologic daughter. A...


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