Help Arjun Escape a Lifetime of Loneliness and Fear!


Help Arjun Escape a Lifetime of Loneliness and Fear!

Four-year old Arjun does not know who his biological father is. In the part of India that he is from, this can mean a lifetime of poverty and prejudice. When his mother died, Arjun's uncle took him in, but later abandoned him due to his own struggle with poverty. Imagine the confusion, sadness and anger that must be brewing in this young boy's heart. Most of us can't even comprehend this type of loneliness and emotional suffering. If left to roam the streets on his own, Arjun would surely be starving, abused and exploited.


Thankfully Arjun's life is about to change! A loving Indian couple who serve as Christian missionaries want to adopt him. Emanuel and Nila have prayed for years that God would give them a child and they are thrilled that He is giving them the opportunity to become Arjun's parents. 

But they need your help. The legal fees required to make the adoption official are close to $1,200, which is an almost unfathomable amount to a couple committed to mission work in the region of Pakur, India. 

With your help, Arjun can come home to his new Mama and Papa. Your gifts will go directly to helping pay the legal and processing fees that will make Arjun a permanent member of Nila and Emanuel's family. In his new family Arjun will not only experience unconditional love and care, but he will be taught that he has a heavenly Father who never has and never will abandon him.

Today would you give a gift that will help one little boy escape a lifetime of loneliness and fear?



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