Serezha Is Officially Adopted Thanks To You!

Spring 2018 Update: 

Through your faithful giving, he is now officially adopted into Yelena’s family!

Yelena reports that Serezha is kindhearted and loves to assemble erector sets. His favorite activity is playing ball with his siblings, where he can run like the wind. He is hoping to learn to ride a bike this summer, a simple dream that would be unimaginable in an orphanage. Like most seven-year-olds, he’s learning to love school and is quick with clever arguments and reasoning.

Serezha is physically seven years old but developmentally he is four or five years old because of the intense trauma he suffered growing up. Serezha would occasionally hit others, an adverse reaction from his troubled past. With help from his mom, brothers, and sister, Serezha is learning positive ways to cope with his emotions and he is doing much better.
Thank you for making this adoption a reality for Serezha. He now has the loving family he so desperately longed for thanks to you!

Serezha Is Officially Adopted Thanks To You!

Thank you!





Serezha Is Officially Adopted Thanks To You!

For the first several years of his life, Serezha was abused and neglected by his alcoholic parents. At the tender age of four, he marched himself over to the local orphanage and asked them to take him in. He was soon cleared for adoption.

This Christmas season, there is light for Serezha!

A wonderful woman named Yelena recently learned that two of her adopted children have a biological brother who has been in and out of orphanages, suffered abuse, and desperately needs a family. That little boy is Serezha, and she wants to adopt him!

Serezha can be part of a family who understands the hard work of healing and the joy of overcoming small obstacles daily. In addition to his biological siblings (Nina and Vitya) he will join adoptive brothers Sasha and Alesha who are twins. Yelena has walked her four special needs children through countless doctor visits, developmental delays, and surgeries. She has poured her heart into these beautiful kids, bringing light into their lives and giving them a second chance at happiness and success.

With your help, Yelena’s motherly love and generosity will continue and extend to Serezha. He will be free from the fear and uncertainty. Serezha’s new family will encourage him to learn and grow in a safe and healthy environment. Instead of focusing on surviving, this little boy will now have the opportunity to THRIVE… to really become the joy-filled child that God created him to be.

All that stands between Serezha and his forever family is funding for the adoption paperwork and medical checkups. The growing family also desperately needs a refrigerator. 


Would you please consider giving a gift that will help Serezha to be officially adopted into this wonderful family?



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