Help the Vasilienko family adopt 3 children with disabilities!

Help the Vasilienko family adopt 3 children with disabilities!

Help the Vasilienko family adopt 3 children with disabilities! Thanks to you, the Vasilienko family has received the funding to begin the home repairs they need to be able to adopt three special needs children. Stay tuned for updates!


The Vasilienko family in Southern Ukraine is in the process of adopting three special needs orphans, but they need your help! In December of 2010, Vlada and Yuri Vasilienko brought home 15-year old Tamara, who has cerebral palsy and paralysis of the legs. Since then, they have carried her up and down five flights of stairs every time they needed to leave their apartment. After three years of this kind of selfless love coupled with intensive physical therapy, Tamara is thriving and can now walk with assistance. The Vasilienkos were recently able to purchase a house outside the city that will be much more conducive to caring for Tamara and their new adoptive children.

However, your gifts are needed to help them replace the broken heating system as well as make the home accessible to individuals with physical limitations before they will be legally able to adopt the other kids.

If you give today, your gift will be matched by a generous donor! 

Despite the efforts of professional care providers who work in orphanages for disabled children, you can imagine how difficult it is for each child to get the individualized attention that they need to reach their highest potential. And who provides them with emotional support and encouragement when day after day they face frustration and failure?

Three orphans with disabilities are waiting in orphanages to be adopted by the Vasilienko family.

By giving a gift today, you will allow the Vasilienkos to make the necessary repairs to their house and bring these precious children home!



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