Victoria Needs Medical Tests and Treatment to Make Her Adoption Transition Complete

Update: Thanks to you, Victoria was able to get the medical tests and treatments needed to make the adoption transition complete. She is now thriving in her new family! Her parents didn't expect to see such a dramatic change in Victoria's daily life. She is more calm and balanced. She doesn't have outbursts and episodes as often as she used to. Her focus and attention span is improving. And her memory is just amazing.

Victoria's road to recovery will not be easy or quick, but with the love and support of her family she is already taking the mighty steps in the right direction. Thank you!


Victoria Needs Medical Tests and Treatment to Make Her Adoption Transition CompleteVictoria is a miracle. For the first five months of her life, she was left alone in a cold apartment for days at a time without any supervision. When someone finally found her and took her to a hospital, she was nearly dead. 

Sadly, things did not get better for Victoria. After being discharged from the hospital, she was sent to an orphanage, and then another. She eventually wound up in Donetsk, Ukraine, right in the heart of the current conflict. 

Due to her traumatic past, Victoria suffers from serious neurological and psychiatric issues. She also has a heart condition that requires special medical treatment and monitoring. She desperately needs a family to provide love and care for her special conditions. 

Thankfully, Victoria is not destined to grow up in an orphanage. Nine years ago, a young couple felt a tug on their hearts to adopt a child. When they met Victoria, they fell in love! They've already faced many obstacles to prepare for Victoria's adoption, but they are determined to welcome this little girl into their family permanently. Now only a few steps remain. 

This is where you come in! With your help, this new family can get the medical tests and treatment they need for Victoria, making her adoption transition complete. 

Despite her obvious and severe physical ailments, Victoria's diagnoses still have not been confirmed. In these final stages of the adoption process, she must undergo additional medical tests that her new parents are unable to afford.

Your help will remove these final obstacles. With proper diagnoses, she will be able to recieve the treament she needs to thrive in her new family. 

It's amazing what a difference a loving family can make. Now Victoria's voice rings through the house as she sings her favorite songs. She is already asking when she can have a brother or sister. As she continues to benefit from the love of her new family, will you join them in this final step of the adoption process?



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