20 Christmas Miracles!

AFFEO recently learned that one of our Ukrainian partners has rescued and reunited 20 children with their Ukrainian families!

Last August this partner discovered that parents had been manipulated into sending their children to a summer camp for vacation. However, these children, including orphans from foster families, were deported to Russia. 

The children were sent to “summer camps” under the pretext of “rehabilitation and care” and were supposed to be returned to their families after two weeks. But this did not happen; the management of the institution where the children were taken refused to return the children. Parents were simply told, “No” when they asked if they would be returned.

In desperation, their mothers turned to our partner for help, since this is not the first time this partner has helped return children from Russia. The process is a complicated one, fraught with difficulties. But, praise God, plans succeeded and these precious children are home, reunited  with their families!

According to this partner, Ukraine believes that 8,000 children have been deported to Russia. The partner spokesman told AFFEO, “It is extremely important for us to save every Ukrainian child. This is an incredibly emotional moment for everyone, including our team. We will continue taking care of these children and mothers and do our best to return all Ukrainian children home!”

Please join us in praising God for this Christmas miracle—that 20 Ukrainian little ones are back with their families! And ask the Lord to continue to support our partner and others as they persist in finding ways to reunite other children with their families. Thank you, and have a blessed and meaningful Christmas.

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