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Because children belong in families.

Our Team

  • Board of Directors
  • Advisory Council
  • Staff and Volunteers

Oriah Longanecker


Melinda Mandell

Vice Chair

Karl Scheuerman


Paul Zhdan

Interim Treasurer

Dr. Anita Deyneka

Voting Board Member

Anthony Ritchie

Voting Board Member

Allison Pinkham

voting board member

David Melilli, J.D., LL.M.

Natalya Ageyeva

Dr. Natalya Ageyeva

Karmen Friesen

Richard T. Moore, Esq.

Dr. Richard Scheuerman

Annual Reports

We are grateful for the prayers and support of partners and want you to feel confident that we are using your gifts in the best way possible to help kids not only get adopted, but to STAY adopted by loving families!

We believe in fiscal transparency, visit our Financial Accountability page to learn more.