Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Families in Ukraine Need Your Help

Rescue Children from Russian Camps

Now, 6,000+ children are confirmed to be trapped in 43 camps throughout Russia. Help to rescue and reunite these children with their families.

Operation Harvest Hope

Support Ukraine bakeries, coffee houses and churches distributing bread and other food to orphans and those in need.

Raise Up Ukraine

Funds are critically needed to provide the assurance of food, shelter and trauma care to vulnerable families.

Prior to the invasion on February 24th, there were over 100,000 orphans in Ukraine.

Tragically, we know that orphans and vulnerable children and families will be impacted the hardest by this crisis. As conflicts continue the need to safely evacuate, care for, and provide for the orphans and vulnerable children and families of Ukraine is greater than ever before!

Over thirteen years ago, A Family for Every Orphan began serving vulnerable children and families in Ukraine. Today, we have a dozen Christian partners spread across the country that are providing emergency relief services to thousands of children and families in Ukraine, while ministering to their spiritual needs. 

Our partners in Ukraine are working tirelessly to evacuate these children to safety in the west and across the border, ensure food and necessities are provided, and minister to and help vulnerable children and families who stayed behind. This vital work cannot be done without your support!

Your gift can make a difference right now and provide orphans, vulnerable children and families with:

Evacuation from combat hotspots to safety

Food, medicine, bedding, and other necessities

Refugee support and legal assistance

Trauma care services and psychological aid

Safe shelter

Please note the designation for Emergency Relief in Ukraine or Operation Harvest Hope.

"Show your unfailing love in wonderful ways. By your mighty power you rescue those who seek refuge from their enemies. Guard me as you would guard your own eyes. Hide me in the shadow of your wings.”

How you can get involved


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Any amount you give makes a difference in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Ukraine 

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Please note the designation for Emergency Relief in Ukraine or Operation Harvest Hope

Updates and Prayer Requests from Ukraine

AFFEO partners share about the ongoing work you are making possible through gifts made to emergency relief.
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Immediate Prayers Needed

Knowing your tender heart for orphans and hurting children, we come to you this Christmastime with a heartfelt request for urgent prayer. Unfortunately, Russia’s recent

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The situation in Ukraine continues to be hazardous for vast numbers of people of all ages in the war zone as well as adjacent areas. War has the greatest impact on the most vulnerable that we serve – orphans. In the past decade, a remarkable collaborative among  A Family For Every Orphan (AFFEO) partners, social service, and religious groups dramatically reduced the number of adoptable orphans—from  approximately 30,000 to 5,000 through placement in foster and adoptive families. However, continued economic dislocations before the war led to nearly 100,000  “social orphans,” who are children with parents or guardians who retain parental rights but are unable to care for them. Tragically, we know war creates orphans and there are thousands more today.

AFFEO’s campaign with partner organizations to evacuate substantial numbers of orphans and vulnerable children to safe havens farther west resulted in the successful relocation of many thousands of children and caregivers. Relief from the US and other international relief agencies is supporting refugees in border countries, but it is  estimated that at least half of Ukraine’s orphans remain inside country. They, along with others who are displaced and no longer receive salaries and income amidst the chaos, are heavily dependent on food relief.

The situation is dynamic throughout the country and especially in areas bordering the eastern war zone. AFFEO’s “Operation Harvest Hope” is a highly streamlined effort involving experienced partners with whom we have worked for many years. Funds received through Operation Harvest Hope are securely and directly sent to several Ukraine-based groups that operate bakeries, coffee houses, and other facilities serving orphanages, vulnerable children, and families in need.

One of our AFFEO inspirations, the late Rev. Peter Deyneka, Jr., once gave a talk about the  “anonymous heroes” of the Bible—Naaman’s servant girl who told her master to bathe in the muddy  waters of the Jordan River (II Kings 5—“Tell what you know”), the lad with five loaves and two fishes that miraculously fed the 5,000 (Matthew 14—“Share what you have”), and the Good Samaritan (Luke 10—”Do what you can”). We don’t know their names, but their selfless service made a world of difference to those in need.

In March, Richland, Washington, sixth grader Rachel, a former orphan  from Sierra Leone, decided to sell eight berets she crocheted to help the orphans of Ukraine. She set  up a table in front of a bakery—which was donating bread sales, and in one hour Rachel had sold them all. Generous passers-by also dropped off checks and dollars to support the cause. So, whether Rachel’s $3,500 Saturday or $3.50 from a lemonade stand, it will all make a difference to those who struggle daily to make ends meet and build better lives in a free Ukraine. “Tell what you know, share what you have, do what you can.”