Because Children Belong in Families

There are millions of orphans who are waiting for a loving family.
It doesn't have to be that way.

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What if?

Every orphan became a son or daughter? No child aged out of the system? Every child felt loved, valued, and safe? We could create a world without orphans? You could change a child's life? 

We're helping orphans connect with loving families in their home country.

Only 0.2% of the world's orphans are adopted into the United States* each year. We believe in-country adoption is the SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION to the global orphan crisis.

*the highest-ranked country for international adoption

In 2021:


Children and families were helped thanks to generous support from people like you...

Together we are changing lives!

What we do to see children in families

With your support, we champion efforts to see children in families through work across five focus areas.

You can help an orphan on their journey to a family today.

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