Ensure child protection laws exist and shape policy to create paths for orphans to be in loving and stable families

Having a government that not only prioritizes family-based care for orphans but also has good child protection laws is fundamental to the orphan’s journey to a family.

Did you know?

Ghana is in the process of implementing foster care laws so that every child in the system has a fair chance of being placed in a properly-vetted and trained foster family.

What your gifts are doing to Protect:

Helping the government develop or reform child welfare laws and policies

Training lawyers and government officials in best practices for orphan care

Encouraging interagency cooperation

Providing models and tools that can be replicated

Developing and implementing foster care systems

Conducting social investigations of children living in orphanages The only thing standing between them and a family is being investigated and registered for adoption or reunited with family

Your support makes sure child protection laws exist and family-based care for orphans is a priority for the government.

The Latest in Protecting Children:

Sharing the vision of orphans in families and the need for family-based care
Strengthening families to prevent children from entering institutional care
Ensuring adoptive and foster families and caregivers have training, support services, and resources along their journey.
Providing stability and connection for orphans through mentorship and family-style care.
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