Strengthening families to prevent children from entering institutional care

While many loving families strive to care for their children, sometimes the loss of a job, inability to provide running water, or a proper roof over their head can result in children being removed from their home and placed in a local orphanage.

Did you know?

80-90 percent of children living in orphanages across the world have at least one living parent. Poverty and lack of access to social services is the primary reason a child is placed in an orphanage.

What your gifts are doing to prevent children from being separated from their familiy and entering government care:

Supporting programs that train and support young at-risk mothers as they care for their newborns.

Providing counseling and tangible support to at-risk families with children in partnership with local social services.

Supporting churches caring for vulnerable families through “One Church, One Family.”

Conducting social investigations to identify safe and caring relatives to provide orphans with kinship care.

Providing life skills training and programs for aged-out teens, increasing their opportunity for employment and healthy relationships to provide proper care for their children.

Your gifts help strengthen families, giving their children a chance to remain in their safe and loving home.

The Latest in Preventing Children from Entering Orphanages:

Ensure child protection laws exist and shape policy to create paths for orphans to be in loving and stable families
Sharing the vision of orphans in families and the need for family-based care
Ensuring adoptive and foster families and caregivers have training, support services, and resources along their journey.
Providing stability and connection for orphans through mentorship and family-style care.
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