Finding Families

Creating permanency through adoption, foster care, reunification, kinship care

Every child deserves a loving, stable, permanent family.
By coming alongside families who want to adopt or foster a child within their own country or strengthening a family that needs support, you can help provide a family for every orphan.

Did you know?

A large percentage of children in need of adoption are hard to place because they have special needs, are over age 4, and/or are part of sibling groups.

International adoptions are declining.* Only 4,059 orphans were adopted into the United States in 2018, the highest ranked country for international adoption. This is another great reason to help children find families within their own country!
*Intercountry adoptions to the top 24 receiving countries declined by 75% between 2004 and 2014

What your gifts are doing to Find Families:

Helping orphans get adopted into families

Supporting children in foster families

Assisting with family reunification when possible and in the best interest of the child

Encouraging kinship/family care

Strengthening vulnerable families at risk of children being removed

Mentoring older orphans who will likely not be adopted

By creating permanency and stability for orphans through placement into a family, reunification, and mentorship, your support is making a difference!

The latest in Finding Families:

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