Aged-Out Orphans Helping With War Relief and Rebuilding Ukraine

In Ukraine, 92% of children and teens in orphanages are “unadoptable.” This typically means the child has at least one living parent who hasn’t relinquished their parental rights, but they are not working towards reunification either.

The sober reality is this: more and more teens are “aging out” of orphanages than ever before, with no hope for adoption or reunification.

Studies show that teens who grow up in institutions are more susceptible to trafficking, sexual exploitation, addiction, and abuse. The orphanhood cycle (orphans having babies and sending them to orphanages) is tremendously prevalent… half of the children in Ukrainian orphanages have parents who also grew up in an institution.

There is a dire need for mentors: trauma-informed adults who can guide these teens, giving them hope and direction, while teaching them practical life skills.

With your help, A Family for Every Orphan is partnering with teams in Ukraine who are providing exactly that!

Sergey (pictured below) and his team are working with teens through a critical life-skills training and mentorship program. Many of these teens are installing modular homes in the Kyiv area for widows and families who have lost everything in the war.

They are leveling the ground, building shelving, installing appliances and more. This training and mentorship is providing practical construction skills to young adults while providing hope to those in great need!

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Some of these teens are also working with another partner delivering firewood and bread for families in need in eastern Ukraine (the bakery providing this bread was supported by you!)

Through these mentoring and life-skills training programs, more teens are hearing the message of God’s love and becoming better equipped to withstand the challenges of adult life:

  • They are learning that they have a tremendous gift to offer the world.
  • They are learning of God’s love and vision for family, empowering them to end the cycle of orphanhood.
  • They are serving others while rebuilding and restoring hope throughout.

Programs like this will have a profound impact on this generation and on generations to come. Thank you so much for investing in these and so many other lives!

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