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Sharing the vision of orphans in families and the need for family-based care

With your help, our partners are fighting cultural biases and apathy towards orphans by sharing the vision of orphans in families and engaging churches and local communities to care for orphans.

Did you know?

In Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Nepal, pastors are catching the vision of orphans in families. They’re starting ministries in their churches to provide support to adoptive, foster, and vulnerable families, often working with local social services!

What your gifts are doing to promote:

Helping people understand family-based care is the best and most sustainable solution for orphans, not orphanages

Distributing resources that help people become involved in orphan care

Sponsoring awareness-raising events

Encouraging church engagement
in orphan care

Inspiring collaboration within a country or region

Providing opportunities through radio for communities to engage in orphan care

By sharing the vision of children in families and engaging the church and local community, you can make a major impact in orphans' lives.

The Latest in Promoting Family-Based Care:

Ensure child protection laws exist and shape policy to create paths for orphans to be in loving and stable families
Strengthening families to prevent children from entering institutional care
Ensuring adoptive and foster families and caregivers have training, support services, and resources along their journey.
Providing stability and connection for orphans through mentorship and family-style care.
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