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Encourage your friends and family to help orphans around the world connect with safe and loving families


Fundraising Campaign

Use your passion to raise funds for orphans through an event or special occasion. Contact us for more information on how to create an online fundraiser!

Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook fundraisers have made a huge impact on orphans! Whether it’s for your birthday or just because, you can make a lasting difference in a child’s life.

Inspirational Fundraisers

“I wanted to support AFFEO in lieu of birthday gifts this past year because I wanted to directly benefit a child in need. When I read Galinka’s story I was so excited to help her get well and cover her medical expenses. I shared her story on social media throughout my birthday and was stunned by the generosity of family and friends! Galinka’s story is important to me because it highlights medical struggles that we don’t even think about in the US.”

Michelle is like you. She cares deeply about children in need and wants to make a difference. So for her birthday, she created a Facebook fundraiser for Galinka.

Elegance Restored, a fair-trade clothing and jewelry boutique that gives 10% of its profits to support orphans through A Family for Every Orphan.

"We are so happy to have an avenue to support domestic adoption. As Americans, we tend to think solutions lie heavily in our own involvement. Domestic adoption brings a whole new mindset towards the orphan crisis and those in need. Playing any part in bringing a displaced child into a loving home is such a gift."
“‘Do more than is expected’ was one of my mom’s mottos. She instructed me to extend my energy and time toward others especially to those who could not possibly give back to me. James 1:27 tells us, “consider and help the orphans in their affliction….” Someday we will see these needy children in heaven face-to-face at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it will be to His glory and our great joy.”
Anna Mae

Anna Mae has blessed countless children by making beautiful quilts and other sewing projects and giving all the proceeds to help orphans.

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