You Can Help Bring the Joy of Family to Neglected Orphans in Ukraine!


Videos bring awareness to orphans in need of a family, but your help is needed!

“I thought no one wanted me, or would ever come for me. Other kids had (prospective) families come, but I had no one. – Nataliya, a former orphan who spent 5 years unknown in an orphanage

Unwanted. Unloved. Forgotten. Countless orphans are plagued by these feelings. They yearn for a family, but in broken systems they are left unknown and broken-hearted.

But today, you can help deliver the joy of family to precious orphans neglected far too long. You can help orphans, like *Olena, be found by families longing to adopt!

At the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, Olena was moved to a “safer” orphanage, away from the front. And now, every day, she bundles up against the cold and dreams of a life free from war. She hopes she will have the chance of a life with a family in a safe, warm forever home.

But Olena’s dream is impossible. Because virtually no one outside her orphanage knows where she is, or that she even exists.

Will you please donate today and give orphans like Olena the chance to grow up within a safe, caring, and loving family?

This opportunity could not have come at a better time.

You see, as the conflict in Ukraine has dragged on, a serious problem has emerged. Thousands of children are currently stuck in orphanages unaccounted for… because the system is broken.

In all the chaos of war, children have been displaced, and Ukraine’s database of “adoptable” orphans has crumbled. Right now, children like Olena are languishing in orphanages, but there’s no way for potential parents to find them!

This is especially heartbreaking, because Ukraine actually has a surplus of families wanting to foster and adopt!

To solve this problem, with the agreement of Ukrainian authorities, an AFFEO partner is embarking on a HUGE effort to scour every orphanage in Ukraine to:

Gather critical information on each orphan.
Make a video of every child with an “orphan” status.
Ensure every orphan is accurately reflected in the national database of children available for foster care or adoption.

These steps will increase the likelihood of foster care or adoption, making it possible for orphans to finally connect with a family!

This effort will require significant resources (approximately $100 per child), so any amount you give will be a huge help! Around 7,000 orphans are estimated to be in need.

Finding and documenting every orphan is absolutely critical — a necessary step towards getting a child into their forever family — and it can’t be done without you!

Will you help an orphan like Olena today? You can give hope and joy to children who have no one else to fight for them. These precious children deserve to know they worthy of love. You can help end broken systems and mend broken hearts!

Your gift between now and December 31 will DOUBLE (up to$17,000)!

Please help forgotten children find their forever families with a donation today, and thank you for your faithful, steadfast care for orphans!

“Thousands of Ukrainian families are interested in fostering or adopting a child in need, but there is tragically no clear understanding on which children are in need — who they are or where they are…”
– AFFEO Ukrainian partner

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