Equipping Caregivers

Practical tools to work with children who have
experienced trauma

Often adoptive and foster families, social workers, and other caregivers do not have the resources, education, and training they need to really help orphans who have experienced trauma.

Did you know?

There is a county in Romania that previously had no social services or resources for adoptive and foster parents. Now they have support groups, trainings and counseling for adoptive families!

What your gifts are doing to Equip Caregivers:

Offering therapeutic retreats for adoptive/foster families

Providing therapy for vulnerable children and families

Training caregivers how to care for children who have experienced trauma

You can ensure that adoptive and foster families, caregivers, and social workers are equipped to care for orphans in a healthy way.

The latest in Equipping Caregivers:


The Gimons Family

Zhenya and Zhora have been living in a Ukrainian orphanage after losing both of their parents at a young age. They don’t have relatives able to care for them. But, the good news is that a really nice couple named Zee and Sam want Zhenya and Zhora to be their kids!

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