Be Part of a Child’s Healing Journey: Send a Child to Summer Camp!

Tanks and soliders entered the city...

Artem and his mother lived in the basement 10 days without electricity or heat, eating only canned food. The houses nearby were destroyed with tanks and missile strikes.

“Artem lost speech function and started to have problems with bladder control… His mom developed a stutter, she stopped sleeping, and she cried constantly.”
(AFFEO Partner Report from the field in Ukraine)

Families like Artem’s are dealing with horrific trauma… the kind that, left untreated, can be crippling for a lifetime. They need your help!

Will you send a war-torn child to a highly specialized, therapeutic summer camp with your gift of any amount today?

For the past several years in Ukraine, Romania and beyond, AFFEO has helped to host unique summer camps specifically designed for vulnerable children and orphans who are often dealing with special emotional needs.

These camps are definitely fun, but they are also designed to transform lives long-term.
They include sports and precious opportunities to make friends… but also proven therapy techniques, administered by professionals, that give children paths to work through their hurt and to finally find comfort and hope.

Often these camps also include parents and caregivers … helping them overcome their own trauma and equipping them with tools they can continually use, once they return home, to help their children thrive. This is so critical… because untreated PTSD often leads to increased addiction, violence and suicide risk.

This year, the need for these summer camps is greater than ever. Please consider a special gift today to help hurting children find a better path… to help reclaim lives and reintroduce joy to bruised hearts.

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