Save Children in Ukraine from Freezing Temperatures

Baby Veronica, only six months old, has spent the majority of her life with shelling constantly overhead. She and her family lived in a high combat zone in Ukraine. They had been left without light, gas, and communication since February!

As they sat in the cold dark basement, they knew they had to evacuate to safety. Thankfully, AFFEO partners were able to reach Victoria and her family to evacuate them to safety and provide necessities to keep them safe and warm.

Near-freezing temperatures are hitting now… and many of the most vulnerable are simply not prepared or equipped to stay warm.

“The biggest threat right now is not bombs, but freezing temperatures.”

AFFEO Partner in Ukraine

Victoria is now safe, but there are so many children like her still needing to be rescued from bombs and freezing temperatures.

The good news is that you can help! Your gift of $95 will provide a child with a survival kit filled with the necessities to protect them from the cold and evacuate them to safety.

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Will you please give the children of Ukraine hope by giving a special gift today that may literally save their lives?

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