The Annual Report Is Here!

Because of you, Lilmuni is HOME!

Through your generous gifts, Lilmuni is now home in the loving embrace of her older brother and sister-in-law. After the death of her parents, Lilmuni was at high risk of being placed into an orphanage. Thankfully, because hearts are changing in India, local officials brought her to our team instead of an orphanage. After searching for any living relatives, it was discovered that Lilmuni had a much older brother. He and his wife wanted to adopt Lilmuni and your gifts helped to provide the legal fees to make it possible. Thank you!

In just a short time, Lilmuni has moved up to the 7th grade. She loves school! Because of your generous support, Lilmuni will now grow up with the love and security that she deserves.

Lilmuni’s adoption reflects a systemic change in many developing countries like India. Your gifts help share the vision of children in families in places where orphanages are all too common. Thank you for supporting adoptions like Lilmuni’s! Because of you, orphans have the chance to blossom under the nurturing care of a family.

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