Diya Has a Forever Family!

When you are four months old, you may not understand the meaning of home or family. But Diya was in dire straits, since she had been abandoned at birth in India with no parents to care for even her basic needs.

Fortunately God stepped in with His own perfect timing. He began moving in the hearts of a loving couple, Anil and Kavin, who attended an orphan awareness-raising event and soon realized that they could give hope to a needy child. Shortly afterward, they started plans to adopt Diya into their family.

But they faced what was to them a huge hurdle—they could not afford the expensive adoption fees. Last month we asked you to pray that God would supply the necessary funds for Anil and Kavin to bring Diya into their home.

God graciously heard your prayers; His people stepped in and provided what was needed for Anil and Kavin to adopt little Diya. What a special Christmas present for all of them! Now Diya spends her days giggling and cuddling with her parents. She has a loving mother who cares for her when she cries and a playful father who does not tire of playing peek-a-boo. They will be able to show her the tangible love of God every day as she grows up. 

Thank you for your prayers for Diya—and for your ongoing prayers for other precious children like Diya around the globe—that the Lord would also unite these children with safe and loving forever families.

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