Elijah: Hope Realized

Just over a year ago we asked you to pray for Elijah, a nine-year-old abandoned by his mother and mistreated by his alcoholic father and step-mother. He was often left without food.

Enter Elijah’s grandfather, Eugene. He learned that Elijah was being mistreated and set everything in motion to adopt him. Eugene’s deepest desire was to provide Elijah with a Christian home so that he could “…have a healthy and successful future.”

But Eugene lacked one thing—the funds necessary to adopt Elijah. We asked you to pray for the financial resources Eugene needed to construct a room for Elijah as well as make repairs to his truck, which would enable Eugene to provide financially for them both.

Because of your prayers, God supplied the needed one-time and ongoing funds, and  Elijah’s life has completely changed physically, emotionally and spiritually. Today Elijah is hopeful because he sees light in his life. Your prayers made all the difference! Elijah dreams of one day becoming a lawyer so that he can defend others who are mistreated like he was. Please pray that Elijah might one day realize his dream. And pray also that God would provide hope and resources for others like Elijah and Eugene.

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