Pray for Vulnerable Little Ones Like Alli and Andriy

Little five-month-old Alli had the sweetest laugh and his brother, Andriy, loved to play. The boys were happy and safe … until the war.

When the bombs and mass shootings began, Alli became hysterical, crying nonstop, always nervous and scared of any loud sounds. And Andriy, stressed by having to constantly hide in their basement while bombs exploded overhead, developed a stutter. 

Thanks to the support and prayers of people like you, Alli, Andriy and their family were evacuated to safety and provided with basic necessities. But now this family — like thousands of others — is in need of stability and permanence so that the children can grow up in peace and heal from the traumas of war.

Prayer for Alli, Andriy and the many children like them is critical. Alli and Andriy’s mother, like other Ukrainian moms, is afraid of what else the traumas of the war may cause in her cherished children. These boys and so many others have several needs right now that we can present before our Father. Please pray that they and their families will receive:

* Crucial trauma care

* The necessary funds for rent—a permanent home can help provide stability

* Food, water and other physical necessities

* Coats, shoes and clothing for the upcoming colder weather

Your prayers can truly make a difference in the lives of the many vulnerable children of Ukraine, giving them hope for a better future. Stability and excellent trauma care can help them begin to heal and start a new life. These children — and their families — depend on our diligent prayers to get them through these unspeakably difficult days as well as the months ahead.

Thank you!

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