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Trauma Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Nearly two out of every three children in Ukraine have been displaced by the war. Children have witnessed the horrors of war as they left everything they had and fled west, many to a new country. Many orphans and vulnerable children had already experienced significant trauma prior to the war, and the additional trauma of war has overwhelmed these children.

Because of generous supporters, like you, several AFFEO partners are providing trauma care services to orphans and vulnerable children, helping them heal and regain a sense of safety.

12-year-old Vika witnessed the bombing of her town in Ukraine. When she arrived as a refugee in a new country, she exhibited symptoms of PTSD: anxiety, twitching, heightened emotions, fear of death. She developed a sleep disorder and began having night terrors. She stopped eating.


Through trauma therapy provided by AFFEO partners, Vika’s anxiety levels have decreased, and she has learned stabilization techniques including breathing exercises and the “butterfly hug.” Her nightmares have also stopped, and she is eating normally again. 

Vika said, “The feeling of safety that was taken from me returned, and I feel hope in my heart again.”

Thanks to you, hundreds of children like Vika are reclaiming their mental health and peace.

Your gifts today are helping orphans, vulnerable children, and families to:

  • Process the traumatic events of war and improve their mental health and quality of life 
  • Gain a voice and sense of security 
  • Learn about healthy socioemotional and behavioral skills
  • Begin to feel hope once again

Give a gift today to help vulnerable children and families, in urgent need, begin to heal and start a new life.

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