5-month-old Alli in Ukraine

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Alli and Andriy

Little Alli, just 5 months old, had the sweetest laugh and his brother, Andriy, loved to play. The boys were happy, they were safe… until the war.

After the bombs and mass shootings began, Alli became hysteric, crying all the time. He was always nervous and scared of any loud sounds. Due to the stress of hiding in their basement with bombs exploding overhead, Andriy developed a stutter. 

Thanks to your support, Alli and Andriy and their family were evacuated to safety and provided with basic necessities. Now this family is in need of stability and permanence so that Alli and Andriy can grow up in peace and heal from the traumas of war. 

Will you give today to support Alli and Andriy and the many children like them?

Receiving support now is critical. Alli and Andriy’s mom is afraid of what else the traumas of the war may cause in her cherished children. These boys need stability and trauma support now.  

Your gift today will make a lasting impact in the lives of Alli and Andriy.

  • $226/mo. provides rent and stability
  • $85/mo. gives food
  • $40/mo. provides crucial trauma care
  • $55/mo. replenishes critical winter coats, shoes, and clothes

You can make a difference in the lives of Alli and Andriy and the many vulnerable children of Ukraine. Your gifts can provide for their physical needs and give them hope of a future. 

Will you give today to help vulnerable children in Ukraine, like Alli and Andriy, begin to heal and start a new life?

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