Aged-Out Teens are Breaking the Cycle of Orphanhood

With your support, aged-out teens are breaking the cycle of orphanhood for generations to come.

Around the world, one of the most vulnerable populations is orphans who have aged out of institutional care. Most leave without any educational or professional credentials, and have little to no family or community support. 

As a result…

  • 60% of aged-out teens will become involved in prostitution or criminal activity
  • 20% will be incarcerated
  • Substance abuse and psychological trauma are pervasive
  • Approximately 10% will eventually commit suicide

In addition, around 50% of young people who age out of orphan care will later have children enter care. 

In response to this crisis, AFFEO works worldwide to equip youth for success outside of institutional care. One AFFEO partner in India has created a Career Readiness program for orphans leaving care. Through this program, teens have the opportunity to upgrade career skills and job readiness, connect with a life skills mentor, attend counseling, and even receive financial assistance to pursue meaningful work.       

Not only are your gifts equipping aged-out teens with greater opportunities, but they are also breaking generational patterns of orphanhood for thousands of young people, both now and in the future.

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