Aliya is Thriving!

Less than two months ago we asked you to pray for 10-month-old Aliya and her adoptive mother Damira. Little Aliya spent the first four months of her life isolated in a Kyrgyzstan orphanage. She was born with multiple physical impairments in her legs and feet, and doctors said she would likely never stand or walk on her own.

But that was when Damira, a school psychologist in Kyrgyzstan, entered the picture. Damira longed for a daughter and had adoption on her heart for many years. She faithfully trusted God as she pursued adopting a child, knowing it would take a lot of time and effort. She saw Aliya’s name on a list for adoptions, met her, and knew instantly that Aliya was to be her daughter.

AFFEO not only provided support for this unique family through your prayers but also assisted Damira and Aliya financially. Because of your prayers, God graciously provided incredible assistance throughout Aliya’s entire adoption process!

This process can be a bit daunting, and includes 

  • Guidance throughout the required paperwork and trainings
  • Counseling before, during, and after the child’s placement
  • Financial assistance for surgeries, physical therapies, counseling, and essential items (in Aliya’s case – orthopedic shoes as she grows)
  • Connections to the medical community (who provide their services for free or majorly reduced fees)

Because of the wrap-around support Damira and Aliya received, baby Aliya continues to defy all odds and is standing and walking!She has received new orthopedic shoes for her fast-growing feet, and Damira and Aliya continue to bond and connect.

Thank you so much for your prayers — they make a huge impact in the lives of families like Damira and Aliya. Please continues to lift them up and to remember similar families throughout Kyrgyzstan. Our team members and partners there faithfully work towards creating lasting, sustainable relationships and connections throughout the country to best serve orphans and vulnerable children.

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