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All Augustin Wants is a Mommy for Christmas!

Augustin is five years old, and until a few months ago, he had never experienced the tender love of a mother. He was rescued out of an orphanage in Kyrgyzstan a few months ago, finally able to begin his healing journey with the support of his foster mother, Maria.
But now, his new life of stability and safety at home are being threatened.

Maria has been fostering Augustin for 9 months, and she cares for him deeply. She takes him to speech and behavior therapy regularly, and she has been taking classes of her own on caring for children like Augustin who’ve experienced major trauma. Because of Maria’s care, Augustin’s teachers have noticed a MAJOR improvement in his lessons and behavior, and he is beginning to thrive in school!

After being abused by his birth mother to the point of hospitalization, Augustin is experiencing the genuine love of a mother for the first time in his life. However, Augustin’s new-found security is at risk!

Prevent Augustin from Spending Christmas in an Orphanage!

Because of a complicated situation with Augustin’s adoption paperwork, he is at risk of being sent back to the orphanage. Maria and Augustin desperately need your help to hire a lawyer who will navigate the hurdles preventing Augustin from being adopted.

Augustin deserves a life filled with hope, healing, and family! Maria is standing for Augustin and doing everything she can to officially adopt him this Christmas. She wants to be Augustin’s forever family, bringing him home for the holidays. She wants to give him the gift all children are worthy of, but she can’t do that without you!

Will you help Maria fight to permanently adopt Augustin and officially become his mom? You can give Augustin the BEST Christmas gift, a mother to nurture and cherish him. You can change Augustin’s life forever by securing his forever home!

This Christmas, your gift will be DOUBLED up to $15,000 through a special matching donation! Stand with Augustin and Maria this holiday season, and prevent Augustin and children like him from spending another Christmas neglected in an orphanage.

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