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All I Want for Christmas…

This time of year, when our thoughts turn to the miraculous incarnation that took place just over 2,000 years ago, let’s also think of and pray for the orphans and other needy children of Ukraine.

The war there continues and has even escalated. Russian missiles are targeting critical civilian infrastructures across the nation. Homes, schools, and cultural sites have been destroyed. Gas and electric power supply stations have suffered significant damage. Families — and our partners who care for at-risk children — are desperate to find warmer and safer places as temperatures drop and more severe weather is approaching. One of our Ukrainian partners told us, “The biggest threat to children in Ukraine right now is not bombs but freezing temperatures.”

As you pray, please remember

1. AFFEO partners who remain committed to going into Ukrainian combat zones to rescue the most vulnerable — and with the renewed attacks, their task has become significantly greater. In addition, they are helping those struggling to survive as refugees.

2. AFFEO partners across Ukraine who are helping equip families and various facilities with stoves, firewood, generators, blankets, propane heaters, and jackets to keep children safe and warm from life-threatening conditions.

3. Social workers, adult and child psychologists, medical staff and lawyers who are putting in many hours to provide legal aid, social assistance, medical care and psychological rehabilitation to displaced children and families.

4. Orphans in Ukraine — all they truly want for Christmas is the safety, security and unconditional love of a forever family. Please pray that, very soon, God would provide such families for them! And that He would encourage these little ones  — and keep them safe and warm — as they wait.

Thank you for your continual prayers; they are making a difference!

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