Apurbo: Not Just a Number

Imagine for a moment being a child—alone with a younger sibling—on the streets, hungry, frightened, and not knowing where to turn. Orphanages in your country are severely overcrowded and many kids like you often remain on the streets.

This is the situation of the SE Asian country where Apurbo and his younger sister became orphans.  Vulnerable children there are at a higher risk for trafficking, addiction, and homelessness if they stay on the streets. And to make matters worse, there is currently no legal infrastructure for adoption in Apurbo’s country.

Thankfully, more and more families in SE Asia are becoming familiar with and open to foster care. Foster care is a huge step towards caring for the emotional and developmental needs of orphans in places where adoption is not yet possible. Living with a foster family means going to school, participating in community, and even growing up with siblings.

By the grace of God, a safe, loving foster family was ready and willing to take Apurbo and his younger sister into their home, and they are doing well. But the family needs your prayers—his foster parents lack all the resources they need to provide therapy, schooling, and many other basic necessities for Apurbo and his sister. Won’t you pray that the Lord would provide the necessary financial support to enable Apurbo’s foster family to keep them in a loving, caring environment? Without adequate funds, the couple is also in danger of losing their foster care license.

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